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8 Peyton Place Hauppauge 8.JPG58 Wyandanch Blvd Commack 2.JPG58 Wyandanch Blvd Commack 57.JPG60 East Main St Kings Park 1.JPG60 East Main St Kings Park 11.JPG880 W Jericho Tpke Smithtown 63.JPG880 W Jericho Tpke Smithtown 110.jpgArc Mapping Seminar Nassau FA 19790.JPGArc Mapping Seminar Nassau FA 19794.JPGAuto Fire Seminar at FRES 1884.JPGAuto Fire Seminar at FRES 1898.JPGCAnoe Stranding in Nissequogue River 7883.JPGCar vs Bank of America Lake Grove 22033.JPGCFD at Mankuski 2.JPGCheesecake Factory Fire 1076.JPGD70_6782.JPGGould Pond Brush fire 8166.JPGIMG_1005.JPGK2M Deepdale14.jpgMain Street Gas Lean 994.JPGManahattan Bagel Fire 304.JPGMVA 347 West at Moriches 22138.JPGSears Manhole Fire 946.JPG880 W Jericho Tpke Smithtown 115.jpg2012 Hammond Rd House fire 1.tiff2012-09-02 LG Apartments 1.JPG2012-09-16 Car fire at JTS Cafe 12.JPG2012-09-22 33 Galahad Lane 3.JPG2012-09-25 Centereach 42 Forest Rd Fire 1.JPG2012-09-25 Centereach 42 Forest Rd Fire 12.JPG2012-09-25 Centereach 42 Forest Rd Fire 20.JPG2012-10-15 43 Saint James Pkwy 7.JPG2695 Middle Country Rd 3994.JPGAll pics from Fatal fall in cesspool-Smithtown 8983.jpg60 East Main St Kings Park 22.JPG65 Astor Avenue Saint James 109.jpg66 Amsterdam Road 1.jpg96 Park Avenue Ronkonkoma 15.jpg96 Park Avenue Ronkonkoma 30.jpg105 East Main Street Smithtown Gagliardi 23072.JPG111 and 347 Pin job 9-15-11 21389.JPG111 and 347 Pin job 9-15-012.JPG117 Nesconset Ave Nesconset 8.JPG122D Rustic Road Centereach 1.JPG148 Blydenburgh Ave Smithtown 29.tiff148 Blydenburgh Ave Smithtown 31.tiff164 Forest Rd Mastic Beach 529.jpg175 Kennedy Drive Hauppauge 17084.JPG206 Ronkonkoma Avenue-Car Fire 4.jpg66 Amsterdam Road 13.jpg81 Mayfair Road 2012 14.JPG82 Arlington Ave St James 1.JPG82 Old Nicolls Road Nesconset 1.JPG95 Maywood Dr Mastic Beach Rugen pics 1020.jpg96 Empress Pines Dr Nesconset 48-001.JPG96 Empress Pines Dr Nesconset 48.JPG10 Everett Place Smithtown 22461.JPG12 Alpine Ct Hauppauge FD 1.JPG18 Rainbow Dr Smithtown 1.jpg18 Rainbow Dr Smithtown 13.jpg18 Rainbow Dr Smithtown 18.jpg37 Hy Place Lake Grove 3.JPG37 Hy Place Lake Grove 15.JPG41 Siracusa Blvd Commack 7.jpg41 Siracusa Blvd Commack 16.jpg42 Deppdale Brofman 025.JPG44 Fulton St Lake Grove 14.JPG45 Eckerncamp Drive Smithtown 2.JPG49 Floyd Road Shirley 238.jpg50 Commonwealth Ave Lk Grove 3.JPG52 Sherwood Drive MB 18.JPG58 Forest Ave Lake Grove 7.JPG19 Sterling Dr Lk Grove 3.JPG20 Maple Street Centereach 29.JPG20 Maple Street Centereach 45.JPG26 Long St Lake Grove 2.JPG30 Copperbeach Rd Saint James 3.JPG31A Woodland Dr Brofman Pics 24.JPG32 Lillian Rd Nesconset 23427.JPG32 Merrivale Dr Hauppauge 14.JPG34 Sterling Dr Lake Grove 13.JPG35 Caroline Ave Smithtown 364.JPG35 Caroline Ave Smithtown 371.JPG35 Caroline Ave Smithtown 378.JPG35 Caroline Ave Smithtown 396.JPG23 Mill Dam Rd Smithtown 9.JPG24 President Rd Mastic Beach 3.JPG25 Whitney Gate Smithtown 3.jpg25 Whitney Gate Smithtown 8.jpg14 Rassapeague Nissequogue 245.JPG14 Rassapeague Nissequogue 246.JPG15 Cornelus Road Mastic Beach 2.JPG17 Crabapple Lane Commack 425.JPG17 Nancy Lane Nesconset 4402.JPG17 Olive Street Lake Grove 8310.JPG17 Wren Drive Hauppauge 5.JPG18 Magnolia Dr Mastic Beach 2.JPG18 Magnolia Dr Mastic Beach 7.JPG18 Magnolia Dr Mastic Beach 12.JPG18 Magnolia Dr Mastic Beach 17.JPG4 Cook St Kings Park 14.JPG4 Welsley Lane Smithtown 22.JPG4 West Cliff Ln Lake Grove 13.JPG6 Pittoni Drive Commack 17 (1).JPG6 Pittoni Drive Commack 289.JPG7 Watson Lane Setauket 6.jpg7A Main Street Kings Park 7.JPG1 Livingston Dr Mastic Beach 1631.JPG2 Marie Crescent Commack 15.jpg2 Marie Crescent Commack 47.JPG2 Marie Crescent Commack 156.JPG2 Smithaven Mall 3.JPG2 Wallis Lane Nissequogue 7.JPG3 Elder Drive 8629.JPG3 Willow Place Ronkonkoma 3.jpg1 Croft Lane Smithtown 6.JPG1 Croft Lane Smithtown 8.JPG 21 Croft Lane Smithtown 23.JPG1 Croft Lane Smithtown 29.JPG1 Croft Lane Smithtown 49.JPGDBR_6355.JPGDBR_6375.JPGDBR_6362.JPGD70_7352.JPG1 Croft Lane Smithtown 8.JPGVinny Diaz Wreck 4279.jpg09 40 units 1st run with new lightbar 21164.JPGTrailer fires on Lawrence Rd 5297.JPGTrailer fires on Lawrence Rd 5321.JPGTrailer fires on Lawrence Rd 5392.JPGTownline and Old Nichols 4242.JPGSuburban Pics 21009.JPG1 Croft Lane Smithtown 14.JPG1 Croft Lane Smithtown 3.JPG10 Everett Place Smithtown 22463.JPG18 Magnolia Dr Mastic Beach 4.JPG18 Magnolia Dr Mastic Beach 75.JPG18 Rainbow Dr Smithtown 10.jpg2 Marie Crescent Commack 23.jpg2 Marie Crescent Commack 69.JPG20 Maple Street Centereach 2.JPG20 Maple Street Centereach 51.JPG2012-09-16 Car fire at JTS Cafe 15.JPG2012-09-22 33 Galahad Lane 54.JPG2012-09-25 Centereach 42 Forest Rd Fire 3.JPG217A Mt Pleasant Rd Smithtown 7.JPG24 President Rd Mastic Beach 20.JPG25 Whitney Gate Smithtown 4.jpg25 Whitney Gate Smithtown 9.jpg37 Hy Place Lake Grove 9.JPG4 Cook St Kings Park 16.JPG471 Townline Rd Hauppauge 7.JPG520 Landing Avenue 12-07 13826.JPG520 Landing Avenue 12-07 13923.JPG575 Townline Rd Hauppauge 51.JPG575 Townline Rd Hauppauge 9.JPG58 Wyandanch Blvd Commack 12.JPG60 East Main St Kings Park 27.JPG60 East Main St Kings Park 9.JPG880 W Jericho Tpke Smithtown 108.jpg880 W Jericho Tpke Smithtown 132.JPGArc Mapping Seminar Nassau FA 19763.JPGAuto Fire Seminar at FRES 1891.JPGD70_6785.JPGMVA Overturn Burr at 347 22227.JPGMain Street Gas Lean 979.JPG

The slide show may take a minute to load as there are a lot of photos. Placing your cursor over the slideshow, will pause it.

Welcome to our blog. The purpose of this site is to inform and educate the public by charting the history of fires, emergencies and other relevant fire service events that occur within the Township of Smithtown and the Village of Lake Grove. 

The information here will only deal with incidents where one of the fire departments or ambulance corps that cover the Town and Village responded to (both within and outside the Town and Village). 

Those agencies are:

Commack Fire Department

Hauppauge Fire Department

Kings Park Fire Department

Smithtown Fire Department

Saint James Fire Department

Nesconset Fire Department

Nissequogue Fire Department

Centereach Fire Department

Ronkonkoma Fire Department

Setauket Fire Department

Commack Volunteer Ambulance Corp

Central Islip/Hauppauge Volunteer Ambulance Corp

If you have information, pictures, video or anything else that relates to these departments including, fires, car accidents, water incidents, fire prevention activities (open houses, school visits etc), community activities (blood drives, food drives, CPR classes, fund raisers etc), wet downs or anything else, shoot us a text, an email or a tweet as we would be happy to share the information here. You will be credited for whatever you send us.

Our Twitter feed is up and running so if there is a call or pic you want to tweet, send it to suburban40. It will appear in the sidebar of our webpages. All we ask is that you keep to the format of the existing tweets. 

Thanks again for stopping by and enjoy the site. 

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