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1 Croft Lane Smithtown 51 Croft Lane Smithtown 81 Croft Lane Smithtown 522 Marie Crescent Commack 82 Marie Crescent Commack 192 Marie Crescent Commack 232 Marie Crescent Commack 513 Willow Place Ronkonkoma 43 Willow Place Ronkonkoma 494 Cook St Kings Park 14 Welsley Lane Smithtown 404 West Cliff Ln Lake Grove 136 Pittoni Drive Commack 2867 Watson Lane Setauket 27 Watson Lane Setauket 77A Main Street Kings Park 67A Main Street Kings Park 25 (1)8 Peyton Place Hauppauge 810-1995_Amercian_Tissue_Fire12 Alpine Ct Hauppauge FD 414 Durham Place Lake Grove 833214 Rassapeogue Rd 414 Rassapeogue Rd 1814 Rassapeogue Rd 3514 Rassapeogue Rd 5414 Rassapeogue Rd 12314 Rassapeogue Rd 12914 Rassapeogue Rd 15714 Rassapeogue Rd 15914 Rassapeogue Rd 20718 Rainbow Dr Smithtown 120 Maple Street Centereach 720 Maple Street Centereach 5023 Mill Dam Rd Smithtown 623 Mill Dam Rd Smithtown 928 Jay Road0228 Jay Road0735 Caroline Ave Smithtown 35335 Caroline Ave Smithtown 36035 Caroline Ave Smithtown 40039 Carroll Ave Ronkonkoma 3542 Deppdale Brofman 05142 Deppdale Gagliardi 09445 Eckerncamp Drive Smithtown 252 Sarah Drive 116560 East Main St Kings Park 365 Astor Avenue Saint James 11595 Maywood Dr Mastic Beach Rugen pics 102096 Park Avenue Ronkonkoma 796 Park Avenue Ronkonkoma 14111 and 347 Pin job 9-15-11 21371111 and 347 Pin job 9-15-11 21375111 and 347 Pin job 9-15-11 21388111 and 347 Pin job 9-15-11 21389122D Rustic Road Centereach 1148 Blydenburgh Ave Smithtown 9148 Blydenburgh Ave Smithtown 27148 Blydenburgh Ave Smithtown 33148 Blydenburgh Ave Smithtown 34164 Forest Rd Mastic Beach 529206 Ronkonkoma Avenue-Car Fire 4206 Ronkonkoma Avenue-Car Fire 11217A Mt Pleasant Rd Smithtown 5291A Smithtown Blvd Nesconset 7291A Smithtown Blvd Nesconset 15291A Smithtown Blvd Nesconset 27291A Smithtown Blvd Nesconset 32291A Smithtown Blvd Nesconset 53291A Smithtown Blvd Nesconset 64471 Townline Rd Hauppauge 4500 Mastic Road Mastic Beach 73520 Landing Avenue 12-07 13954575 Townline Rd Hauppauge 512010 Marine Patrol in Smithtown 48052012 -08-29 Truck in water at Bluff 12012 Hammond Rd House fire 12012 Nichols Rd North of Rte 25 MVA 92012-09-16 Car fire at JTS Cafe 62012-09-16 Car fire at JTS Cafe 152012-09-22 33 Galahad Lane 32012-09-22 33 Galahad Lane 532012-09-25 Centereach 42 Forest Rd Fire 42012-09-25 Centereach 42 Forest Rd Fire 52012-09-25 Centereach 42 Forest Rd Fire 142012-09-30 Centereach impalement training 1412012-10-10 Kings Park 116 Maple Road 22012-10-14 Nesconset Open House 102012-10-14 Saint James at Mankuski 492012-10-15 43 Saint James Pkwy 62014-08-26 LGGL 072014-08-29 North Dorm LGS0032014-08-29 North Dorm LGS0052014-08-29 North Dorm LGS0142014-08-29 North Dorm LGS0742014-08-29 North Dorm LGS0852014-08-29 North Dorm LGS1012014-08-29 North Dorm LGS1482014-08-29 North Dorm LGS1542014-08-29 North Dorm LGS1552014-09-10 Bldg44 KPPC0042014-09-10 Bldg44 KPPC0052014-09-10 Bldg44 KPPC0232014-09-10 Bldg44 KPPC0502014-09-10 Bldg44 KPPC0542014-09-10 Bldg44 KPPC0942014-09-10 Bldg44 KPPC0952014-09-10 Bldg44 KPPC0992014-09-10 Bldg44 KPPC1162014-10-12 4 Welsley Lane0072014-10-12 4 Welsley Lane0082014-10-12 4 Welsley Lane0142014-10-12 4 Welsley Lane0242014-10-12 4 Welsley Lane0822014-11-28 347 and Nichols MVC Xikis032695 Middle Country Rd 3991030511_004 copy050106_022 copy403026_2584171679893_790463417_n407169_2584168839822_477834889_n1425794_10152316564338012_709192181_n1965561_10202877185186975_982924246649488097_o10518607_10202778569521645_7005399880203161489_o10592749_10204742877794474_7346592299880889978_nAll pics from Fatal fall in cesspool-Smithtown 8984Assorted scans 2589Auto Fire Seminar at FRES 1908Auto Fire Seminar at FRES 1909Auto Fire Seminar at FRES 1914Auto Fire Seminar at FRES 1916Bob Fantel 4-14-14Bresslers 25 Whitney Gate10Bresslers 25 Whitney Gate20Bresslers 25 Whitney Gate36Bus Vs Tractor Trailer 21794CAnoe Stranding in Nissequogue River 7888CAnoe Stranding in Nissequogue River 7944CAnoe Stranding in Nissequogue River 7949Car vs Bldgs in Nesconset 22047CFD at Mankuski 43CI Ambulance Overturn 1170D70_1274D70_1344D70_2182D70_2381D70_2698D70_3305D70_3843D70_3848D70_3859D70_4816D70_4839 copyD70_7444D70_8804D70_8890D70_8891D70_9353D70_9892Dawson and Main Kings Park 17990dbr_1013DBR_6011DBR_6411DSC_0335DSC_0370DSC_0372DSC_0384DSC_0392DSC_3533DSC_3557DSC_4413DSCN1047DSCN1646DSCN2516Dumpster Fire in Nesconset 17112Elm Avenue Smithtown 8Elm Avenue Smithtown 15Encore live burn drill 224Encore live burn drill 258Encore live burn drill 274Encore live burn drill 383Fatal Man in Sewer Rte 111 and 347 18122Finger in Table at Sundown Ski 18244Fireworks burnoff 18269Garfield Ave Selden 18279Gelinas Fire 18347Gelinas Fire 18353Gould Pond Brush fire 8169Gould Pond Brush fire 8172Hallock Ave Fire-Gregs Pictures 16504Hallock Ave Fire-Gregs Pictures 16509Hallock Ave Fire-Gregs Pictures 16521Hallock Ave Fire-Smithtown 16420Hallock Ave Fire-Smithtown 16426Hallock Ave Fire-Smithtown 16446Hammond Lane Fire-Centereach 16387Haughton Hall Mulch Fire-Knox School 16368Hauppauge House Fire 18417Hauppauge House Fire 18419Haz Mat at Ballys 8091Haz-Mat drill at FRES 8015Haz-Mat drill at FRES 8018Helmets 20455Hi-Lite Diner Fire 16075Hi-Lite Diner Fire 16078High Woods Ct Fire-Smithtown 15975High Woods Ct Fire-Smithtown 15977High Woods Ct Fire-Smithtown 15989Holbrook Soldier returns home 7Houlihans Day 3 1117Houlihans Day 4 1222Houlihans Day 4 1336Houlihans Day 5 1413Houlihans Day 5 1434Houlihans Day 5 1700HP_292_022Huntington Landfill Fire 15690Huntington Landfill Fire 15696Huntington Landfill Fire 15746Huntington Landfill Fire 15755Huntington Landfill Fire 15767Huntington Landfill Fire 15779Huntington Landfill Fire 15781IMG_0241IMG_0923IMG_1005Iroquois St Lakeland 5494Iroquois St Lakeland 5497John Harvards OT5Kings Park 2011 St Pats Parade 14631KPPC Bldg 7 Fire 15436KPPC Building 7 002KPPC Building 7 013Main Street Flood62512 22513Mall dumpster Fire 7992Manorville fire 2012 1988Medal Day 20600MVA 347 West at Moriches 22181MVA Ave C 4156MVA Ave C 4162MVA car vs bike Rte 25 at Parsnip Pond 22389MVA fatal 25 at Cambon 21988MVA Overturn Burr at 347 22227MVA Raynor Park 21542MVA Stony Brook Rd at Short St 21593MVA Stony Brook Rd at Short St 21597MVA with PIN 25 at Elliott Ave 22276P1010057PAYLOADER FIREphoto 1-1Power Crush Kings Park 3502Power Crush Kings Park 3512Power Crush Kings Park 3541Practice photos 2500Ronkonkoma Ave-Car fire 4Rte 25 at New Moriches 12Sears Manhole Fire 945Secatogue Ln Setauket 908Secatogue Ln Setauket 909Secatogue Ln Setauket 910Smithtown at Mankuski 14901Sterns Training 2Sterns Training 22Trailer fires on Lawrence Rd 5308Trailer fires on Lawrence Rd 5315Trailer fires on Lawrence Rd 5349Trailer fires on Lawrence Rd 5400

The slide show may take a minute to load as there are a lot of photos. Placing your cursor over the slideshow, will pause it.

Welcome to our blog. The purpose of this site is to inform and educate the public by charting the history of fires, emergencies and other relevant fire service events that occur within the Township of Smithtown and the Village of Lake Grove. 

The information here will only deal with incidents where one of the fire departments or ambulance corps that cover the Town and Village responded to (both within and outside the Town and Village). 

Those agencies are:

Commack Fire Department

Commack Volunteer Ambulance Corp

Hauppauge Fire Department

Central Islip/Hauppauge Volunteer Ambulance Corp

Kings Park Fire Department

Smithtown Fire Department

Saint James Fire Department

Nesconset Fire Department

Nissequogue Fire Department

Centereach Fire Department

Ronkonkoma Fire Department

Setauket Fire Department

If you have information, pictures, video or anything else that relates to these departments including, fires, car accidents, water incidents, fire prevention activities (open houses, school visits etc), community activities (blood drives, food drives, CPR classes, fund raisers etc), wet downs or anything else, shoot us a text, an email or a tweet as we would be happy to share the information here. You will be credited for whatever you send us.

Our Twitter feed is up and running so if there is a call or pic you want to tweet, send it to suburban40. It will appear in the sidebar of our webpages. All we ask is that you keep to the format of the existing tweets. 

Thanks again for stopping by and enjoy the site. 

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The history of fires in Smithtown. 

As part of our ongoing research project called “The History of the Fire Service in Smithtown”. the calendar below lists newsworthy events in fire department history within the Smithtown Township. As time goes on, links will be added to each entry, allowing you to view any related newsclip, photo or video. There are a few hundred entries now, with more being added every day. This calendar is a living history book of the fire service in Smithtown. 

If you have any photos, videos or information on any fire department related incident that you would like added to this project, please contact abrofman@smithtowngtv.org or lakegrovefm@gmail.com