Water rescue in Kings Park

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1648 hours. The Kings Park Fire Department was dispatched to the Bluff on Old Dock road, on report of a vehicle in the water. A Smithtown Park Ranger was in the upper lot when the call was dispatched and was on scene immediately. The Park Ranger determined that everyone was out of the truck and uninjured. The subject advised the Park Ranger that his intent was to back his truck down the boat ramp so he could load his kayak into the bed. He stated that when he hit the brakes the truck slid on the algae and he could not stop it-thus ending up submerged.

The Kings Park Fire Department attempted to winch the truck out but was unable to. A tow truck contacted by the vehicle owner also tried and almost ended up in the water as well. The Smithtown Fire Marshals office had a Marshal on scene as per water rescue protocol and he requested a pay-loader from the Parks Department. The payloader pulled the vehicle from the river and believe ito ot not, the owner drove it away. No fuel or other fluids spilled from the truck so no other action was necessary.